November 07, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Last Tuesday, I clicked off one candidate for the Working Families party - Urania Petit - for Registrar of Voters. Now, I did not REALLY know that:

* The Republicans and Democrats have sinecure positions. No matter if they do not win, they get a spot (state law)
* Hartford now has (3) Registrars of Voters - a Democrat (who won the election), Ms. Petit (who came in second), and the Republican (who came in 3rd, but gets a spot anyway)

The Courant has details. Including the fact that this position has an 80K salary, and has an unspecified number of deputies ($60K) and assistants ($40K). Add in benefits, and I bet we are looking at $250,00 or more for this little loophole.

Does Hartford really need 3 Registrar of Voter? We have about 50,000 registered voters. We're spending $20 or more per voter for these positions (last year they spent $1M, with only 2 registrars).

I dunno. i'm happy to see more third party participation in the process. But $1M to register voters is a lot of bucks.

I'm going back to my cave and hate on the political process some more.....

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