November 13, 2008

Small World Department - West Coast Edition

Two amusing incidents today, reminding me just how small the world is.

Arriving at my client's today, one of my customers calls out as I walk by "Hey, I saw you quoted in a magazine.....Best Life" Huh? I was stumped. Turns out that an article that Colin McEnroe wrote, in which I was quoted in the first paragraphs, has hit the press, and this guy read it, recognized me (from first names and life journey). I was amused and not so flustered at the reference to a certain notorious aspect of my life journey - my other clients were more amused that this guy was reading this particular (men's midlife crisis) magazine.

Incident #2, listening the KPBS, the local NPR affiliate, a piece on CT Gay marriage (licenses were issued as of today) - and one of my former yoga instructors was identified as applying for a license, and was interviewed.

So, here in San Diego, two shards of my life back home come reaching out to pull me back.

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