November 22, 2008

Sell Me on Hartford

I'm starting to sniff around for a new place to live. I'm looking for 2 decent sized bedrooms, because I plan to move my office into one of them. Off street parking for one car. Reasonably safe neighborhood.

I could be looking at a 2 or 3 family. A townhouse or duplex would be ideal. I've never lived in a large building - but even that might be OK. I'm older and not loud - so quiet is good. Since I will be combining my office rent and housing rent, I can afford a reasonable rent, but I'd like to not overextend myself with housing. No roommate situations - being self employed I need a work space, and I've been cohabitating for a while now; I need to find my own space.

Location - there is the rub. I've been living in Hartford for 7-8 years; before that I lived in Waterbury. Right now my center of gravity is around the yoga studio; that is the only place I really need to get to. I like the arts and entertainment I find in Hartford. But I also wander west (Southington / Plainville / Bristol) for things like ballooing, mentoring, medical providers. So I am definitely looking west of the river.

I find myself being lulled westward in my apartment search - New Britain in particular seems to be somewhat less expensive with some nice neighborhoods and buildings tucked away. Plainville seems to have some places.

Hartford denizens - help me out here. Point me at some nice neighborhoods and complexes in the city. I'd love to stay if I can afford it, and I can find a suitable place. I'm a little spoiled, having lived in a neighborhood filled with single family homes the past 7-8 years.

I'm not seriously looking yet - moving is slated for early 2009. But I am definitely hunting around.


Diana_CT said...

I just saw an apartment for rent sign go up in Newington on Willard Ave. just south of Churchill Park.
It looks like a nice apartment complex from the outside.

Kerri said...

I think someone else is going to supply the carrot. Here's the stick: Don't leave. I'll cry. I'll weep for weeks.

Luis Edgardo said...

Hey jude, don’t be so sad.
Take your living situation and make it better.
Remember that if you pick Heart-ford,
Then you can start to make it better.

Ok...I'll stop :-) But seriously, after reading your prereq's I think there are more than a couple places that can fit the bill. Based on your frequent travel outside the city my first suggestion would be the Sheldon/Charter Oak Neighborhood. Specifically Charter Oak Place. Beautiful, block long street with some Victorians which have been converted into separate, individual living spaces.

It's within walking distance to downtown, park street and colt park. But it's a stones throw from an entrance ramp which will immediately take you to I84W. These same reasons are enough to consider the first block on Capitol
Avenue where Hartford's remaining brownstones are located. These are more pricey but not outlandishly so.

My neighborhood over in Frog Hollow (the George Keller Historic District) has similar strengths regarding geographic location, but it's a healthy walk to downtown (@ 1 mile) It's a great deal for renters as many of the units come with heat, hot water and electricity included. The area was constructed in 1898 so each apartment comes with its own character. We are a closer walk to Real Art Ways if your into them also.

My sister lives up off Blue Hills Avenue but it takes about 10 minutes to get to any highway.

Anyways...good luck. Hope this helps. ~Luis

Na na na na na ,na na na, hey jude...