November 26, 2008

Heading Home

A quick report from the road. DFW, to be specific. It looks like I will be getting my toes back on nutmeg flavored soil a bit after 1:00 a.m. - right on schedule. Huzzah.

Air travel seems very light, comparatively. Tulsa was practically empty - and although the plane was nearly full, I breezed through check-in and security with nary a burp and no line to speak of. And here in Dallas - no problem finding a table in the little food court, the gate area is pretty quiet.

I've seen a handful of servicemen and women in desert fatiques. Just a shout out and nod to them all for their service, a happy thanksgiving with their families, and godspeed wherever their life takes them from today. In all the economic chos, sometimes forget that there is a war on.

Was up in the air about Turkey Day - mom and my brother are hitting the casino (no big family day, we are getting together on Sunday). Zippy is heading down to Westchester to eat with his mom. I think I am gonna tag along with him - so he can come home tomorrow (else he would stay overnight). Which means no yoga tomorrow, but whatever....

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I am just thankful to be etting home safe and on time.

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Kerri said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have safe travels.