November 04, 2008

Not in Our Neighborhood

Today in the Courant, a story by Hilda Munoz.
Police are investigating a fatal shooting at 78 Gillette Street in Hartford early this morning.
The victim was shot multiple times around 1:32 a.m. Officers found him lying in the second-floor hallway of the building, police said.

One problem. 78 Gillette Street is in WEST Hartford. See the official West Hartford map here (PDF). It's ever so much more convenient to just tick off another murder in Hartford instead of dealing with such unpleasantness in West Hartford, no? Better for the town Media Relations, that's for sure.

I'd post a comment to the Courant site but comments are not enabled; I went looking for an email contact and all the CONTACT US emails are advertising and circulation. So I'll just let 'em stew in it.....

CORRECTION: I emailed the Courant, and they have corrected their story. It was 78 Gillett Street (note the missing "e") - their original story had it listed as Gillette, and their little Google Map pointed to Gillette Street in West Hartford. Now it points to Gillett Street in Hartford.

So....the story is now right. And the crime was, sadly, committed in Hartford. Not that it would be any less sad in West Hartford.....

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