November 18, 2008

Catching My Breath

Life has felt like child's pose of late: I am on my mat, connecting to the earth, not moving, breathing.

I got back from San Diego early Saturday morning. Nursed a cold throughout my trip which caught me en route home; miserable flights (in terms of ears and pressure) but I made it.

Saturday, I nursed myself with Pho, echinacea, and alka-seltzer plus cold medicine. I also rented two movies: Iron Man and No Country for Old Men. Enjoyed both immensely.

Zippy spent the weekend in Essex, painting his Horizon a sort of cobalt / sky blue that Audrey mixed up from the leftover paint supplies down at the railroad. It's quite striking (which is to say, garish) so I guess he likes it.

I'm catching up on work; I have one long term project to get finished this week before a potential trip to Tulse next Sun - Wed (yes, I love to fly the week of Thanksgiving)

And I am slowly getting my wheels under me, taking it slow as I recover. I did an all levels yoga class on Sunday and Monday, and some guerilla yoga this morning. Maybe see if I'm up for hot / power tomorrow.....

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