November 11, 2008

Very Well, Very Well

It was a long travel day with mostly positives and one negative.

* No problem with flight departures, arrivals, connections. I got in 20 minutes early in fact. Thanks USAir.
* Hertz Simply Wheels (used automated kiosk) worked remarkably well and was much cheaper than using a person
* I'm driving a weird Chevy HHR in an awful color. But whatever, it's a car.

* Got to the hotel at 2:00 p.m. (after stopping at the supermarket, the drugstore, and for lunch) only to find that check-in was 3:00 pm and no rooms were available until then. I popped out to the car to do some work (using the hotel wireless) and at 3 went back in. Room never opened up until 4:00 pm. I blame management, the desk clerk seemed to care and try to get info, the manager seemed to not give a damn. Homestead studio suites - bleah.

And finally, I popped over to Bird Rock Yoga in Pacific Beach. A kicking Vinyasa I class led by Roberta (studio owner). I was OK with a less vigorous practice (coming off a week of strong practice and a long plane trip), but it was really quite energetic and challenging. LOVE to find yoga that resonates with my home practice, and Bird Rock Yoga hit the spot, and nice to watch another teacher at work. HIGHLY recommended!

I'm hoping to get over to the studio one more night this trip.....

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