February 15, 2012

Looking at my calendar: Teaching six yoga classes this week, six next week, and 20+ hours of Teacher Training assisting over the weekend. West Hartford Yoga owns my ass, clearly.

Obama, Contraception, and Election 2012

Am I the only one to see the unintended (or is it?) consequence of the recent Obama vs. Catholic Bishops dust-up (over contraception) as being a shot in the arm to the Rick Santorum?

Remember back in 2008, when Rush Limbaugh conceived Operation Chaos, urging Republicans to register as Dems or Independents and vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, to promote a divided convention?

I don't usually think of team Obama as machiavellian, although I think they are sharp enough to pull it off. But if your goal is to prolong the Republican primary season, and perhaps pull down Romney in favor of a far right candidate who would presumably leave the mderate vote to Obama, well, this works.

Since the preponderance of Roman Catholics use contraceptives, I doubt this is going to be a big drain on the moderate Catholic vote come November. So, a little sketchy PR, a minor pop to the Democratic base, a boost to Santorum, and a few speed bumps in Romney's way. Sounds like a plan to me.....

February 08, 2012

Coming Home: An LGBTIQ Mindfulness Meditation Weekend

A friend passed along an email about this mindfulness weekend....


Coming Home:A Mindfulness Meditation weekend for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer Communities

Led by Larry Yang and Maddy Klyne

Friday (6pm) to Sunday (1pm), April 13-15, 2012

Garrison Institute, 14 Mary’s Way, Route 9D, Garrison, New York

More info here


Sometimes, it seems as if my spiritual / yoga journey trumps my queer identity or any an affiliations I have had with the GLBT community. I do know that I am supported and affirmed in the spiritual community in ways that I am not in the GLBT communities; and that my attempts to bring my spiritual practice back to former communities and spaces have been unsuccessful and discouraging.

So this looks like a wonderful chance to reconnect, and I plan to be there!

Santorum Victorious!

Not a Santorum fan. Not at all. But it's lovely to see him atop the polls in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado.

My dislike of Romney (in a smarmy, rich entitled bastard kind of way) is starting to exceed my dislike of Santorum (in a way too catholic, homophobe and misogynist kind of way). I think Obama fares better against Santorum, and though I think Romney still has the money and infrastructure to win the Republican nomination, this sort of thing speaks to the discomfort way too many evangelicals and conservatives feel about him, so assuming he wins the nomination, he's going to have trouble energizing the base. "Anyone but Obama" loses some steam (a) with a palpably improving economy and (b) with a candidate whose historic record is so Obama like.

After years of watching the Democrats kick the stuffing out of each other and emerging with a compromised presidential candidate, it's nice to see the Republicans suffering the same fate for a change.

February 05, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis

Been struggling a bit with some tenderness in the left heel which I've self diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. Suspect it's a bit self imposed - between yoga teaching, practicing, and hanging around the house, I rarely wear shoes, and when I do, they are far from supportive. Even in January, if the weather cracked 50 I put my sandals on.

Mostly, it's not debilitating. I've had a few bad mornings (typical, as the plantar tightens up overnight), and I've been a bit limited in terms of my power yoga practice (Warrior I and Crescent lunge, with left leg back is a killer) although I've kept up with a few of the teachers that are a bit slower and deeper. When a class moves quickly I do not have enough time to work around the injury, and I can make things worse.

So far, not so bad. I've continued to swim (which either loosens things up or at least does not make them worse), soak in the YMCA jacuzzi, and warm foot soaks a few times a week. I've picked up some PT type exercises, most of which have turned out to be a regular part of my yoga practice or pre-practice stretches. So I'm doing the right things.

Now, just a matter of waiting and watching.

February 04, 2012

Movie Marathon

It's become a bit of a new year's tradition - I end up cramming to catch up on Oscar nominated movies. So far, my journey has included:

* The Artist. In theater. Blogged about separately. I remain charmed by the film, it's references to classic works, its technique, its story and characters.

* The Help. Roku / Amazon rental. Felt kind of cleaned up and Disneyfied (like Fried Green Tomatoes, never did get over them making Idgie a tomboysih femme). It was a nice story and all, but I was not blown away.

* Moneyball. Roku / Amazon rental. Charmed in a way similar to A Social Network, Brad Pitt was good and more and more seems to be settling in to Robert Redford's shoes. Not a huge baseball fan but I remember those days, and I liked the end where the Red Sox owner offered a job (and went on to finally break the curse a few years later using a similar philosophy)

* Hugo. In theater, 3D. Not a huge fan of 3D, and Hugo had a little of that unsettling "almost real" quality of The Polar Express. It was also a little too "beat you over the head with the symbolism" that irks me in most Spielberg serious films. Interesting to see Scorcese's use of the technology, and I liked the homage to the silent film era. Good, not nearly as charming (to me) as the Artist.

* The Descendants. In theater. LOVED it. Probably could have used a little exposition (I had a hard time believing that Clooney's character could be as workaholic and distant as he was supposed to be). But I loved the setting (beautiful backdrops), I loved the characters (especially the daughters and friend Sid), I loved the small plot that did not go anywhere but went everywhere. Particularly liked the "cousins". Put Clooney up there with Brad Pitt as one of today's leading men. I would give it the Best Picture nod over the Artist only because the Artist was a little gimmicky.

* Midnight in Paris. Roku / Amazon rental. It's been a long time since I sat through a Woody Allen film, and I loved it. Owen Wilson was a great protaganist - not your typical Woody Allen nebbish clone. I loved all the historic figures and references, a sweet plot device, and a satisfying happily ever after. Loved the film, although really when has a Woody Allen romantic comedy not been a remake of Annie Hall? The whole opening sequence ws as much a paean to Paris as Annie Hall was to New York City. Not my vote for Best Picture but glad to see it.

So what else is there? Probably will not see War Horse, I seem to be averse to horse / animal films. Hate when the dog dies in a film, I cry and cry. Tree of Life is out of the theaters, suspect it's not on DVD yet. I'll keep an eye out for a rerun someplace. And Extremely Loud and Incredibly close is still in theaters, so there is always a chance. But I suspect I'd see The Iron Lady, Albert Nobbs, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, before I saw that one.

And I usually try to get to the Oscar Nominated Short Films over at Real Art Ways, playing Feb 10 - 15.