February 15, 2012

Obama, Contraception, and Election 2012

Am I the only one to see the unintended (or is it?) consequence of the recent Obama vs. Catholic Bishops dust-up (over contraception) as being a shot in the arm to the Rick Santorum?

Remember back in 2008, when Rush Limbaugh conceived Operation Chaos, urging Republicans to register as Dems or Independents and vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, to promote a divided convention?

I don't usually think of team Obama as machiavellian, although I think they are sharp enough to pull it off. But if your goal is to prolong the Republican primary season, and perhaps pull down Romney in favor of a far right candidate who would presumably leave the mderate vote to Obama, well, this works.

Since the preponderance of Roman Catholics use contraceptives, I doubt this is going to be a big drain on the moderate Catholic vote come November. So, a little sketchy PR, a minor pop to the Democratic base, a boost to Santorum, and a few speed bumps in Romney's way. Sounds like a plan to me.....

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