February 05, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis

Been struggling a bit with some tenderness in the left heel which I've self diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. Suspect it's a bit self imposed - between yoga teaching, practicing, and hanging around the house, I rarely wear shoes, and when I do, they are far from supportive. Even in January, if the weather cracked 50 I put my sandals on.

Mostly, it's not debilitating. I've had a few bad mornings (typical, as the plantar tightens up overnight), and I've been a bit limited in terms of my power yoga practice (Warrior I and Crescent lunge, with left leg back is a killer) although I've kept up with a few of the teachers that are a bit slower and deeper. When a class moves quickly I do not have enough time to work around the injury, and I can make things worse.

So far, not so bad. I've continued to swim (which either loosens things up or at least does not make them worse), soak in the YMCA jacuzzi, and warm foot soaks a few times a week. I've picked up some PT type exercises, most of which have turned out to be a regular part of my yoga practice or pre-practice stretches. So I'm doing the right things.

Now, just a matter of waiting and watching.

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