November 21, 2008

Sharing Circle

We had a sharing circle this evening with a subset of our teacher training group. As I spoke my piece, and then listened to others speaking, I began to look at my upcoming move a little differently. I've been living in the margins for many years. When I moved in with Zippy, I was moving into a home fully inhabited and occupied. It's Zippy's house, and I was carving out space. Even having my own bedroom a year or so ago was a big step.

But now, the possibility of my own living space looms large. And I began to see this as an opportunity. I'm imagining:

* A place to set up a yoga mat, a dedicated place for meditation and practice.
* A refrigerator and cainets filled with healthy foods, and the opportunity to cook and eat the way I want
* The chance to listen to my music, my radio
* A place for my music, my books, my decor.

I know I am a cluttery person, a messy person. But I am looking at my own place as a chance to break out of that, to be more mindful and craft a living space that is both a home and a sanctuary.

So, I'm getting excited!

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