November 04, 2008

I Voted Today

My civic duty and right has been exercised, without incident.

Batchelder School (Hartford's Voting District #11) was buzzing but orderly at 7:45 a.m. There were small (3-4 people) lines to check in as well as waiting for the privacy booth. A longer line to plug the ballot into the optical scanner, but I suspect that was due to personnel flow issues - the woman handing out the "I Voted Today" stickers was not well positioned to shunt people away from the scanner so the next person could step up.

But it was wonderful to see all 10 privacy booths filled when I walked in so early; my previous two elections with these machines (off year and primary) the polling place was pretty quiet. Nice to see the system working.

Not too much hubbub outside the polling place - I usually try to avoid the "75 feet away" crowd and had no problems today (except for one lonely Urania Petit supporter).

Now nothing to do but sit and wait. I might get my sorry ass out to Real Art Ways tonight to geek out on electoral vote and cheer as the returns come in. Zippy has little patience for news junkiehood, so better to get my fix outside the house.

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