March 10, 2011

New Toy

Bought myself a new toy (it is my birthday, after all) - a Tascam DR-07 digital recorder.

Ostensibly, I got this to record yoga classes at the studio, but I am sure I am going to find lots of uses with the Guinea Pigs, Kirtan, and messing around with guitar and bass. I was looking for some way to do this with my iPhone (hackable, but not optimal) but decided to just buy something dedicated.

Amazing how much technological goodness they cram into what amounts to a popcorn unit ($99) - this thing has built in stereo mics, a mic input, line input, line output, USB port, uses an SD memory card (2 GB included) - and records in WAV and MP3 formats.

Once upon a time I used cassette tapes to record stuff. And a tascam digital recorder might have cost $1500. To quote Paul Simon - "These are the days of miracle and wonder...."

1 comment:

Somnolent Aphid said...

Excellent choice! I have an adapter that fits it on the end of a mic stand if you need to borrow that.