May 05, 2010

Dear Susan Bysiewicz:

(a) You won your case. Good for you. But this is not ".... A MAJOR VICTORY FOR CONNECTICUT VOTERS...." (as your recent email proclaims) nor do I feel that "Connecticut voters won a huge victory" as your email proclaims. Rather, an ambitious career politician (i.e. - you) won a victory. At last do us the favor of owning your own gleefulness at wining this decision.

(b) How *did* I get on your mailing list? Each email irks me somewhat - not enough to actually unsubscribe, but enough to make each of your mailings a small incentive to vote for your primary challenger.

Bleah. Politics. I've always kind of liked Ms. Bysiewicz as Sec of State. But this sort of ambition just sticks in my craw.

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kerri said...


1. Civil rights legislation, the legalization of same-sex marriage...those were victories for CT. SB being allowed to run for a political position (not because of a struggle related to sex, race, age, or sexuality)is a victory for SB.

2. I magically found myself on the same mailing list. Receiving press releases is fine, but I'd get updates just about every other day. I believe there is an opt out thing at the bottom of the email.