January 16, 2012

Unintended Consequences

So, Rick Santorum seems to be the christian right's great last hope against the (choose one unforgiveable sin: moderate, flipflopping, or morman) Romney.

The funny thing is, that Dan Savage's anti-Santorum campaign seems to have strengthened Santorum's bona fides with the conservative right - as the most stridently problematic republican from the GLBT perspective, he's by default the most attractive to the religious right. So in some ways, we (the queer community) have created our own monster.

That being said, anything that drags the Republican primary on longer, that delays Romney's eventual coronation, and pushes him to the right rhetorically has to be a good thing, if one is pulling for a second Obama term.

I remain optimistic. The "anyone but Romney" wing of the Republican party seems to remain pretty adamant. Ron Paul continues to siphon off the libertarian wing. No matter how the next few months play out, I fnd it hard to see an engaged and energized Republican party come November.

Now if only we can dig up some video footage of the former Massachusett's governor helmeted behind the wheel of a tank....

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