September 17, 2012

Checked Off

I'm coming off a rather remarkable period of productivity - checking items off my "to do" list that go back months, if not years. I moved into my present digs three years ago October, and at that time I pretty much threw my office into boxes and moved it into the basement. Not much got organized below grade....ever. Until now. So here's the canonical list of my September cleaning and organizing.
  • Purchased and hung a wall rack to store speaker and mic stands
  • Consolidated and organized PA system cables, mics, accessories
  • Permanently mounted 2x track lights and associated dimmer switches. 
  • Removed most of the wire that once supported a suspended ceiling in the basement
  • Removed all remaining ceiling tiles (stuffed above walls, etc.) that carried some cigar / smoke odor
  • Cleaned and organized desk, two tables, four shelving units, and one printer station
  • Cleaned and organized the under stair crawlspace
  • Installed hangers for XC skis and got those off the floor
  • Purged several boxes full of paper, magazines, etc. (four more to go)
  • Cleaned out and organized all desk drawers
  • Installed a perf board to hang tools, and organized same
  • Installed a wooden shelf to store chemicals, paint, etc. 
  • Vacuumed office area
  • Reorganized and consolidated all electrical and mechanical household supplies
  • Purchased and installed a new label printer (the old one ate a label and died)
  • Took several boxes of old electronics and cables to Green Monster
  • Installed a pencil sharpener that has been lying around forever
And above grade, things were also pretty busy:
  • Removed bedroom A/C unit
  • Removed, cleaned, and stored bedroom and yoga room fans
  • Installed track and hangers for guitar, bouzouki, and bass in bedroom
  • Organized guitar supplies (cables, strings, tuners, switches, etc.)
  • Cleaned and vacuumed living room
  • Vacuumed stairs (two sets)
  • Cleaned top of fridge and put everything there-on away
  • Cleaned both bathrooms
  • Purchased luggage tags and laminated business cards for luggage and tool kit ID
Not 100% sure of what is behind all this productivity, but a bunch of things factor in: 
  • I love the cooler late summer / early fall weather
  • Fall is a good time to transition / make changes
  • My 11 days without a car got me cleaning to start with (nothing else to do)
  • My 11 days without a car had me cooking in more, eating healthier (higher energy)
  • Once I got the car back, hitting retail shops to pick up supplies and hardware seemed like a privilege
  • I have a bit of romance in my life. It just does a body and spirit good
I can only hope that this spurt of energy and drive to get things done continues - I really like it, and I am truly enjoying my much more livable and pleasant work and living spaces! 

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