June 04, 2014

Hard Hittin' New Britain

I've been relatively quiet, but things have not been quite so calm down in my neck of the woods - Southeast New Britain along the Berlin / Newington town lines. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a train-car accident, as some thieves apparently broke into one of the auto-recycling places on the east side of the tracks, cut through the fence, and were attempting to drive the cars across the tracks into my neighborhood (on the west side of the tracks, no fence or barrier). Must not have been all that exciting - I slept through it.

And yesterday, there was a hit-and-run accident over on Christian Lane (east side of the tracks) - as a pickup truck struck and dragged three pedestrians (reportedly a grandmother, mother, and child). It's a weird street, with a high volume DSS office (I often see folks lined up outside at opening time), a lot of vehicular traffic (auto-recyclers, Dattco bus lot, body shops, etc.), and a fairly main conduit from Berlin Turnpike / Rte. 9 up into New Britain. 

Finally, the big news is the possible relocation of the New Britain Rock Cats to Hartford. It sounds like it might be a done deal if (and that's a big if) the city of Hartford can put a stadium deal together. Apaprently, Erin Stewart (new mayor of new Britain) is getting schooled in politics, her June 2 tweet: 
SPOILER ALERT: The Rock Cats aren't leaving New Britain.

seems more than a little out of touch. "Nobody told me so it must not be true"

I'm of mixed mind about the Rock Cats. I've never been a huge fan, although I've certainly been to a bunch of games over the years, and have been at least nominally aware of them since they were the 'Brit Sox (and before that, the Bristol Red Sox, playing at Muzzy Field). I live very close to the stadium (close enough for the Friday night fireworks to be a mild annoyance, in terms of Elo the dog getting freaked out) and in addition, I keep an eye on the schedule so as to avoid driving past the stadium on game days - the traffic gets kind of annoying.

It's hard to see the Rock Cats putting MORE fans in the seats up in Hartford (they've just come off a record breaking weekend, 21,000 over a four day stand) - but apparently a proposed Hartford stadium seating 9,000 trumps the present stadium's 6,100.

On the plus side, New Britain based fans can jump on CT Fast Track to get to the game up in Hartford, right? Somebody will need to ride that thing!

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