June 08, 2015

Social Media Rules: Facebook Edition

Rule 1: If you use your personal Facebook account to run your business, I will probably hide your feed. I'm happy that you are third level black belt Reiki or whatever you are, but if I have not specifically "liked" your business page, I really do not want it in my feed.

Rule 1A: If your personal Facebook page is a nonstop diatribe for or against anything - shelter dogs, politics, rights, activism, etc. I will also probably hide your page. I know the planet is warming, I know there are a lot of shelter dogs looking for homes, I know what the major political parties stand for.

Rule 2: If you do a spam mass invite to your event, class, workshop, etc. to your entire friends list, hiding you will not protect me. I'm going to unfriend you. If I want to know about your workshops, classes, gigs, etc. I will "like" your business page.

I'm not being too much of a crank here - my logic goes like this: I have (at the moment) nearly 700 Facebook friends. If every one of them acted like you do (mass invites) I'd be swamped with events - spending time every day declining things and probably losing track of things I *do* want to attend. You are decreasing the quality of my Facebook experience. Buh-bye.

I cut folks slack - a lot of slack, really, and am happy to get personal invites from people and for things I've shown some interest in, have "liked", occur 1-2 times a year, etc. But there are folks I've never met in person, inviting to things I'd never go to, on a weekly basis. And that's a no-no. 

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