August 31, 2015

Om Street Follow-up

Two bits of video footage from the Om Street event, this past July.


First, a time-lapse video of the entire class, as captured from the roof of the Elbow Room. Since I suggested that the still photographer see if he could get in to the Elbow Room for the first Om Street event, and suggested a time-lapse video for this one, I take partial credit, although Breck McNab set it up and created the wonderful video.

And second, a drone video which really gives some idea of the scale of the event - the time-lapse video is impressive but there's a certain collapsing of the depth of field and length of the space that the drone footage makes evident. You can even see me, right side of the still frame above, working the sound board.

It's kind of cool to be in the middle of, and integral to, this sort of event. Although there's a small part of me that would love to assist and/or practice.

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