April 10, 2016

Life in Da Hood, Part II

Back in 2011, I wrote about a particularly creative (in terms of stupidity, lack of personal boundaries, and amount of damage) lawn job.

From that event:
I called the local police, an officer showed up who was friendly but mostly unhelpful - she took some pictures, did a plate search on the car (came up clean) and found it was registered to the place next door. But was unsuccessful in contacting the owner and confessed that there was nothing she could do (because apparently this happened on Tuesday, so to charge them on Wednesday involved "warrants" which I guess means paperwork, and besides, this was not a vehicular matter (tickets) but a criminal one. etc. etc.
So when I came back home this noontime to a repeat performance in the making, I wasted no time contacting the local police. Catch 'em in the act, so to speak, and hopefully prevent the incident from going downhill fast.

Sorry to have to contact Johnny 5-0 on you, but you spent a good hour spinning tires and getting yourself in deeper, showed no sign of dealing with the problem in any sort of adult way, and your apparent intention (to continue to drive around to the back of the building to unload, since that was the direction they were trying to move the truck) was setting up a repeat performance of the 2011 event.

The cops (helpful, friendly) called a tow truck and hung around while they winched the sucker out of there. The damage on our side of the property line was not too bad, but they left a trench about 12" deep and 5-6' long on the other side.

Now I'm kind of stuck in the house until they finish unloading and vamoose - don't want to leave in case the new neighbors or their moved decide to screw with me or the condo for ratting them out.

Hard hittin' New Britain....

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