December 15, 2017

RIP: Pete Tupy

Just got word yesterday that a gentleman named Pete Tupy was very sick - and this morning that he has passed.

Pete was the lead guitarist in my first (high school) band - me on rhythm guitar, Jim on bass, Mike on drums. We played mostly in Jim's basement. Pete was 3 years younger (15 to our 18) which seemed like a lifetime when you are that age - we called him "the kid" and I suspect contributed to his delinquency a bit. He was also cut from a different cloth - Keefe Tech to our Marian High School - and I suspect lived a rougher life than any of us.

We were all over the map musically but were strictly garage (or basement) band caliber - but Pete was a bit of a guitar savant - vibing Hendrix and Robin Trower and a bunch of other guitar heroes I'm not cool enough to know about or remember - a real guitar wizard.

I've lost track of him over the years; went searching online just now and found this article: Framingham photographer captures faces of rural Peru

There is also a crowd-funding site from 2015 with a couple of pictures, and Pete is remarkably recognizable despite the years and the miles. From all reports the miles were hard.

See you 'round, kid. Show Jimi a trick or two if you get the chance.

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