June 05, 2018

2018 Falcon Ridge Preview #2 - John Gorka

Another "Long time, No See" Falcon Ridge Folk Festival returnee, John Gorka was perhaps one of my very earliest "new folk" finds.

I've seen him play numerous times - Falcon Ridge, coffeehouses, clubs - and covered many of his early songs at open mics over the years. His song "Where the Bottles Break" (Jack's Crows, 1991) is perhaps the theme music of my garbage picking, although truth be told so many bottles are plastic these days I rarely come across broken glass on my rounds.

But this one, from 1992's "Temporary Road" is more appropriate. It bounced around my head during the various Gulf Wars "I know the whole truth there is horrible
It's better if you take a little at a time" and even into the present administration.

But this line "People love you when they know you're leaving
soon" may be most appropriate to our beloved folk fest.....

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