April 30, 2012

A Day Off

Once upon a time, I blogged quite a bit. But of late, life has been pretty busy, and blogging seems to take a back seat. So long overdue for a quick update. This past weekend, we finished up weekend 4 (of 6) of Yoga Teacher Training. I was tapped to fill in for one of the assistants back in 2010 - and I've been assisting ever since. The weekend are incredibly long and difficult for the students, and also for the staff. Friday 5 pm - 11 pm, Saturday 1 pm - 9 pm, Sunday 12 noon - 9 pm. Each day starts with a long (~2.5 hour) practice in a hot room; and although I am not on the mat, assisting a class like that is almost as draining. Today should have been a recovery day but I ended up teaching two classes, getting a power class in myself (thanks, Linda!) and doing a few work reports and small projects. So Tuesday will be my day to collapse and unwind. I was able to sneak in three loads of laundry over the weekend and do the dishes, so I'm caught up there. The house could use a good cleaning, but probably will only nibble at the edges there. Sadly, a lot of my music and arts life has fallen by the wayside as I stay busy with yoga, my engineering work, and other pursuits. Each weekend that I'm off the grid for yoga or a retreat, I see the local social scene pass me by. I'll be back soon enough... Ballooning season is fast approaching, as is the farmer's market season with a pile of Guinea Pigs gigs.

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