July 24, 2014

Falcon Ridge - Merch Tent Prep

File this one under "If you want something done right, give it to a busy person". Alternately, file it under "Mild OCD / Organization and Office Supply Subdiagnosis". Here's a list of pre-fest prep, planning, and purchasing for the merch tent:
  1. Update laptop software (no small task, the beast barely comes out of it's case the rest of the year of late) 
  2. Resurrect ink-jet printer, purchase and install new print cartridges (the old ones have dried out), confirm it works
  3. Load up merchandise spreadsheet with 2014 artists  (presently 82 artists / worksheets, although not all bring merchandise, and some side musicians and "Friends of the Festival" (i.e. - people who got past both Anne's defenses and mine) will, I am sure, be added.
  4. Print out festival schedule (available online here) and laminate copies for the merch tent and trailer.
  5. Print out and laminate table cards / labels for all artists (helps to space out tables and hold space for late arrivers)
  6. Pick up miscellaneous supplies (punched paper, highlighters, sharpies, post-it notes, etc.)
  7. Assemble three workbooks - one for pre-fest / to be checked in. One for "checked in" artists. And one for the cashier table (to be used for price reference) - will fill one up before I leave, the rest get filled on site.
I'll be updating the master spreadsheet over the next few days as I crawl the artists' websites and tweak things. But it all seems to be coming together.....

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