August 05, 2014

Falcon Ridge Folk Fest Emerging Artists - Merch Sales vs. Audience Survey

2007 Merchandise Leaders: Anthony da Costa, Lindsay Mac, Randall Williams, Vienna Teng, Joe Jencks

2007 Most Wanted: Anthony da Costa, Joe Crookston, Lindsay Mac, and Randall Williams

The three top sellers came back as "Most Wanted" artists, Joe Crookston finished 8th out of 24 in the merchandise sales

2008 Merchandise Leaders: Abi Tapia, Danny Schmidt, Anne Heaton, Amy Speace, Lucy Wainwright Roche

2008 Most Wanted: Abi Tapia, Amy Speace, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, Lucy Wainwright Roche

Danny Schmidt and Anne Heaton sold the merch but missed out on Most Wanted, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers placed sixth in merchandise sales - mostly because they sold out (67 pieces) of their CD at $5 each.

2009 Merchandise Leaders: The Brilliant Invention, Swing Caravan, Coyote Grace, John Elliott, Angelo M

2009 Most Wanted: chuck e costa, Swing Caravan, The Brilliant Invention

Coyote Grace, John Elliot, Angelo M missed Most Wanted spots; chuck e costa finished 8th in  merchandise sales

2010 Merchandise Leaders: Spuyten Duyvil, Barnaby Bright, Chris O Brien, John Wort Hannam, Shannon Wurst

2010 Most Wanted: Barnaby Bright, Chris O'Brien, Folkadelics, Spuyten Duyvil

Three for three (top merch sellers), Folkadelics came in 8th in merch sales. Another case of selling out $5 CDs (in this case, 45 pieces). Edit:  I've also been told (but do not recall nor have evidence) that John Wort Hannam was voted for a Most Wanted slot but turned it down. 

2011 Merchandise Leaders: Suzie Vinnick, Blair Bodine, ilyAIMY, Bulat Gafarov, Ellen Bukstel
2011 Most Wanted: Blair Bodine, ilyAIMY, Louise Mosrie, Pesky J Nixon

This seems to be the worst correlation year, with two Most Wanted placing out of the money - Louise Mosrie placed 6th in sales, Pesky J Nixon placed 10th, but being Falcon Ridge regulars, suspect there were a lot of folks who already were familiar with them / had previously purchased CDs

2012 Merchandise Leaders: Poor Old Shine, Burning Bridget Cleary, Gathering Time, Kate Klim, Honor Finnegan

2012 Most Wanted: Gathering Time, Poor Old Shine, The Yayas

Two for three. The Yayas placed 9th in merchandise sales.
2013 Merchandise Leaders:  Darlingside, Tall Heights, Connor Garvey, Boxcar Lilies, Roosevelt Dime

2013 Most Wanted: The Boxcar Lilies, Darlingside, Roosevelt Dime, Connor Garvey

Four for four.

Bottom line - out of 26 "Most Wanted" artists (from 2007 through 2013, 19 were also in the "Top Five" in terms of merchandise sales, 7 (averaging one per year) were audience favorites although did not place in the top five in terms of merchandise sales.

Some things that might skew the results / correlation:
  1. Many Emerging Artists do not bring a lot / enough merchandise.
  2. Some artists price their CDs low ($5 or $10) to encourage sales   
  3. Some artists only have one CD, others bring several. 

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