November 13, 2014


I'm heading out this morning to the New England Regional Folk Alliance conference, better known as NERFA. The conference is an "insider" event, for folk and acoustic musicians, promoters, agents, labels, and vendors. There's a small conference hall and workshops, but the main event is a pretty much non-stop series of showcase performances. I'm a NERFA virgin, so looking forward to an interesting weekend.

There are the main, featured showcases - a big deal for an artist since they pretty much have the rapt attention of the 800+ conference attendees. Next, there are four concurrent Quad showcases - smaller official events, but still a big deal. There are some semi-official showcases at other times (which I totally do not understand right now). And then there are the "guerrilla" showcases - organizations and individuals set up small "room concerts" in hotel rooms (either dedicated or their personal rooms) and the music goes on late into the evening. Or morning, as the case may be.

I'm there in no official capacity; but I have a lot of roots and tendrils embedding me in this community. My crew chief role at Falcon Ridge gives me a certain amount of visibility and clout (I've communicated with and checked in merch for many of the listed performers) - and although I have no specific responsibility at Falcon Ridge, I've been asked if I would be on the showcase selection committee in the past (and may be in the future)

I'm also playing with the idea of a small music series at the yoga studio - maybe 4x a year, with artists that have some connection to spiritual / holistic / healing. So I'm scouting out that. And I do a lot of work with the internet - emailing, social media, websites - which could translate to some form of artist management or support.

Finally, I am a musician, although I'm generally too shy to bring an instrument along - toying with tossing my acoustic bass in the car just in case. (figuring everyone and their mother will have a guitar along)

Should be a fun, relaxing weekend. I've very consciously not volunteered for anything; I'd like to just enjoy the music and the space for a change. However, when I noticed there was daily yoga, I contacted the teacher and asked if she needed props - and as a result I'm bringing up my yoga mats, blankets, blocks, and straps for community use. 

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