January 30, 2007

Railroad Fonts

Sticking to the theme of font geekery, I came across this site: www.railfonts.com/. Great railroad clipart and text fonts. I do a website for a local tourist railroad, so I am grabbing a few fonts for online ephemera*, and am directing them to the site to see what they might like. I also think some of the clipart and silhouette fonts could be nice, used judiciously online or in print.

* online ephemera = oxymoron, right?


Mikey said...

WOW!!! How interesting, a site dedicated meaningless fonts of trains! ACTUALLY...If you would have READ a little about the site, he sells fonts for ACTUAL railroads. Most of you don't understand this, because you don't model trains However, trying to find a CORRECT font set for the Southern Pacific Railroad Transportation Company (SP, eSPee, SPTCo., SPRR) is nearly impossible. So this man is ACTUALLY, providing a service that MANY people in the world appreciate, and desire. Try picking up a copy of "Model Railroader" magazine from "Kalmbach Books (publisher)" sometime and maybe you will understand. Try educating yourself a little more, before you criticize next time, it makes for a story, when you have your facts straight. Maybe that's why you are a "WANNA-BE" writer?

Jude said...

Oh dear. Mikey, you seem to have read some sarcasm or poking fun in my post. Maybe it was the big words: oxymoron (which has nothing to do with, say, morons) and ephermera. But there was no - zero, zip, zilch, nada, null - sarcasm or poking fun in my post at all.

In fact, I found the site interesting and useful, so I posted a link so that others might find the site. Many do find it useful - "railroad fonts" being a fairly common search hit to my blog, and I assume people follow the links to the site.

I actually purchased a couple of the fonts myself, for use on a website that I do (for, uhm, an actual steam locomotive, as opposed to models). And though I have never gotten the modeling bug; I've certainly owned a few copies of Model Railroader and other such books.

Please try to read more carefully next time. Maybe look up the words you do not understand. Because there was absolutely nothing in my post that was negative or making fun of railroad font, railfans, model railroads or this particular site.

Jude said...

OK, OK, I'll explain the big words.

One definition of Ephemera is "...printed matter (as theater programs, posters, guidebooks) meant to be of use for only a short time but preserved by collectors". So the concept of online (i.e. - not in print) ephemera is kind of funny.

An "oxymoron" of sorts, which is "A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist."

And read again. SLOWLY. Maybe the phrases "GREAT RAILROAD CLIPART AND TEXT FONTS" is not clear. How about "SOME OF THE CLIPART AND SILHOUETTE FONTS COULD BE NICE" - which certainly seems positive.

Chill out, dude.....you have a persecution complex as big as the Union Pacific "Big Boys"

Cindy said...

Hi Jude. First of all thank you for the link to the fonts. As a graphic designer I'm always looking for new fonts for my projects so I always appreciate the time someone else takes to post links to something I might not have found on my own. I don't understand why Mikey thinks you are criticizing the site and I seriously don't understand why he feels compelled to then insult you about being a "wanna-be" writer. His comment about most of us not understanding is pretty irrelevant here because we're not clicking on this link because we want info about railroads. It's about the fonts. Yes, Mikey, please start reading slower and pay a little more attention before you jump in and insult someone who is doing the rest of us a huge favor! To use your own words, "try educating yourself a little more before you criticize next time."

Shawn said...

Mikey was getting a little upset about your comment, "Sticking to the theme of font geekery". Nothing more. See, reading from his comments and being a railroad modeler myself, and knowing that he seems to prefer to model southern pacific (how original Mikey), he is what some of us like to refer to as the rivet counter. Definition = someone that takes offense to anything or anyone out of place. Your comment, as an understanding geek railroad modeler fully admits to, resembles it. To him, he is unable to view himself a such and will forever be miserable in his basement empire or lack of. So Mikey, go back to your trusty crap mag, and your armchair modeling and count the rivets. Jude, I think it's great that your promoting another site dedicated to railroads and not being involved in the hobby. Thank you for spreading the religion.