December 10, 2009


So far, moving my office back into the house seems to be a win, with a higher level of productivity in all areas of my life. Mostly, this involves finding chunks of time to work that I might not otherwise - a few hours in the morning before yoga, or a few hours in the evening while watching TV. I've gotten a few proposals out (typically something I stall on), am all caught up on customer reports, and am focusing on new projects, new customers, etc.

But I'm also reducing my laptop time - with my desktop computer always on and accessible, I'm not sitting on my couch messing around with my laptop much. So when I am at my desk, I'm online. When I am not at my desk, I'm doing dishes, laundry, working around the house, etc.

The biggest concrete evidence of this newfound productivity is a piece of test equipment - a power and demand monitoring device that I have owned for a bunch of years. In early 2008, I dropped my XP laptop and the screen cracked. The laptop was quickly replaced, but the test equipment software was not Vista friendly. So I set the test equipment aside, intending to get around to dealing with the equipment "someday". Recently, I noticed that the manufacturer had released new software (Vista friendly) and although it took a few hours of messing around to get it working, I spent the time (admittedly, between 10 pm and midnight, when computer geekery seems to fit) and now the meter is back in operation.

I'm monitoring my house power for a few days (partly to see what my demand looks like, partly to exercise the software and test equipment) and I am planning to take it over to the yoga studio as well for a week of monitoring.

So far at least - moving into the house was a good move!

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