July 16, 2011

Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase 2011

In the order of appearance, with weblinks!

Grace Pettis-Harrisonburg VA
Occidental Gypsy-Boston MA
Karyn Oliver-Boring MD - eMUSIC
Brooke Annibale-Pittsburgh PA - eMUSIC

Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli-Metro West MA - eMUSIC
Gail Wade-Colchester CT
Paul Sachs-NYC - eMUSIC
Brittany Ann-Philadelphia PA - eMUSIC

Bulat Gafarov-Moscow RU - eMUSIC
ilyAIMY-Baltimore MD - eMUSIC
Suzie Vinnick-Toronto ON - eMUSIC
Putnam Smith-Portland ME - eMUSIC

Pesky J.Nixon-Boston MA - eMUSIC
Louise Mosrie-Nashville TN - eMUSIC
Jason Myles Goss-Brooklyn NY
My Brothers Banned-Westchester Cty NY - eMUSIC

Friction Farm-Greenville SC
Sharon Goldman-Metuchen NJ - eMUSIC
Devlin Miles-NYC - eMUSIC
Layah Jane-Toronto ON - eMUSIC

Blair Bodine-Ambler PA - eMUSIC
The Whispering Tree-NYC - eMUSIC
Ellen Bukstel-Southwest Ranches FL - Free MP3
Split Tongue Crow-Rutland VT - eMUSIC

And every artist labelled eMusic has their latest album up on eMusic; I downloaded all of those and am gonna have SHOWCASE ARTIST SHUFFLE going in the merch trailer / tent on Wednesday and Thursday!

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DevlinMiles said...

Jude- thank you for such a warm welcome at Falcon Ridge! It was such a fun time and the staff was wonderful. I look forward to returning next year to attend all the extra little workshops and sideshows. I am following you! I want to hear about the new music you come across. ;-) Thanks for listening!

Devlin Miles