July 26, 2011

Somebody Loves Me

As I was setting up my tent last week at Falcon Ridge, I marveled at how neatly the tent had been put away - all the pieces neatly bagged, the tent nicely folded and put away dry. And I realized that the tent had probably not been pulled out since it was packed up at the end of fest last year; that I had carefully and mindfully put it away last year; sending a message into the future. Jude of 2011, Jude of 2010 loves you and wants you to have a wonderful festival week.

It was a sweet moment of realization. Sometimes I get down on myself regarding my messiness or my lack of discipline around some areas of my life. But having that realization brought me a sense of being taken care of - by myself surely, but also by the universe.

And of course, as I pulled down the campsite at the end of this year's fest, I kept that same sense of mindfulness and reverence for whoever I will be as I set up my campsite in 2012.

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