August 06, 2011

Asana on LaSalle

Lululemon Athletica and West Hartford Yoga collaborated on a special outdoor yoga class this morning, on LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center, led by Barbara Ruzansky.

I think the WH Police expected 50 people or so, imagine their surprise when we pulled in close to 500 (484 was the official lululemon count).

A few days back I started sniffing around to be sure Barb could connect her wireless headset to the sound system. I was a little shaky on the sound system lululemon had rented (a battery powered PA from Taylor Rental, never did get teh power or model) so I decided to bring the studio kirtan sound system. It rocked all the way to the back rows.

Some more flickr photos here.

And some pretty amazing photos by David B. Newman for the West Hartford Patch, here. The wide shots (I think the cleaning crew let him sneak upstairs at the Elbow Room) really convey the scale!

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