August 17, 2011

The Cobbler's Kids Go Shoeless

You might know that one of the things I do* is code websites. I work very popular tourist attraction, a fairly well known medical professional (whose site is pretty dated), and a handful of other clients. I'm not a graphics genius, but a fairly good plugger with HTML (I tend to hand-code, a dying art, and also muck around with javascript).

Anyway, my own website is perhaps 7-8 years out from it's last overhaul - its technically archaic and its content is similarly obsolete. I have a few empty hours this week (end of summer slowdown, one of my big clients is out of town) so I'm going to see what I can do this week. No promises - heading off the grid onSaturday for a week and I suspect the week I get back I will be swamped. But it would be nice to have my website overhauled before September wraps up.

* Engineering, teaching yoga, chasing hot air balloons, website design, playing music

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