June 26, 2013

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - 2013 Emerging Artists

The official list has been released, in alphabetical order: 

Amanda Pearcy - Austin TX
Amy Black - Somerville MA
Annalivia - Boston MA
Bethel Steele - Boston MA
Bobtown - NYC
Brad Yoder Duo - Pittsburgh PA
Carrie Ferguson - Northampton MA
Connor Garvey - Portland ME
Cricket Tell the Weather - Brooklyn NY
Darlingside - Boston MA
Doug Allen - Stamford CT
Doug Kwartler - Boston MA
Jacob Latham - Bloomington IN
Jonah Tolchin - Princeton NJ 
Martin Swinger - Augusta ME
Michael Braunfeld - Philadelphia PA
Noble Hunter - Brooklyn NY
Phil Henry Acoustic Trio - Rutland VT
Rachael Sage - NYC
Reverend TJ McGlinchey - Philadelphia PA
Roosevelt Dime - Brooklyn NY
Tall Heights - Boston MA
The Bones of J.R. Jones - Manilus NY
The Boxcar Lilies - Greenfield MA

Looks like a pretty eclectic group. The usual New England / Northeast slant is seasoned with artists from Austin, Pittsburgh, Bloomington, and Philadelphia. A quick review of the websites (to grab these links) shows a good mix of solo artists and groups. 

I only recognize a few names. Rachael Sage was a Showcase Artist back in 2010; I also saw her at the New Haven Folk Fest (and picked up a CD back then). Boxcar Lilies I've heard somewhere (Prairie Home Companion? Local folk shows?). I've actually PLAYED with Brad Yoder (at the Falcon Ridge volunteer open mic, where we accompany Ben Atherton-Zeman during his annual FRFF inspired song parody). Phil Henry has been touring with Tracy Grammar on and off over the years. And Amy Black and Bethel Steele are both familiar names out of Boston.

Brooklyn / NYC get's the "precious name" award, with three artists (Bobtown / Cricket Tell the Weather / Roosevelt Time) having creative / eclectic / curious names.

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