June 14, 2013

Losing My Religion (That's me in the corner)

Actually, I've got no religion to lose. I am, however, not doing a lot of formal yoga these days. Which is worse, in a lot of ways. 

I have been a power yoga junkie - back 5-6 years I was on my mat, sweating it out 5-6 times a week. And although my body would complain now and then (occasional back issues, shoulder issues) I've been fairly resilient through it all.

But the past few months I've been struggling. A dose of left foot plantar fasciitis has made down dog, crescent lunge, and warrior I torturous - feels as if I am planting my left heel on a 2" nail. I've been doing exercises, babying my feet, wearing supportive shoes, etc. and modifying my practice - but its the sort of thing one needs to rest and recover with, and teaching barefoot 3-4 times a week and practicing daily does not leave much space for healing. 

On top of that, my left shoulder has been creaky and cranky - I think I've narrowed it down to a strained left bicep. My right shoulder is always a bit wonky but now with two shoulders in for repair, things like chaturanga or shoulder openers are iffy.

So, bottom line, I am totally avoiding hot / power yoga, anything with sun salutations. There are a few All Levels teachers I can work with but its been mostly gentle, yin, restorative for me. And since the studio is down a few teachers - it's been hot or miss for me taking a formal class. And my yoga space is presently a shambles (seasonal clothing swap) so finding practice space at home is a bit of a challenge.

Odd though. I've been cleaning up a lot of stuff in my life - sorted out some financial struggles, completely cleaned my condo, reworked my main bath, caught up on work. My yoga these days seems a lot less asana based and more "in the world". Nothing wrong with that, although I'd like to get my sorry ass back into a hot / power class soon!

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