June 20, 2013

Paypal Fail

I recently cashed in some retirement money (before the recent market drop, thank you very much) and paid off most of my consumer debt. It's a good feeling.

My plan was to retain two cards - a Cap One account that had a bit left on it (and would be paid off over the next year) and a Paypal / GE Capitol account (zero balance) for monthly subscriptions, online purchases, etc. (so I could pay down the other card cleanly).

Unfortunately, the rating systems at Paypal / GE Capitol appear to have freaked out by my behavior (paying off a balance on their card, plus two others)  and although my credit line was unchanged, my available credit has been about $60 for the past two weeks.

Today, I decided to call and find out what was up - but their phone systems were circuitous and unhelpful. I waited on hold for 30 minutes at the Paypal number, only to be directed to a second number at GE Capitol. At the GE Capitol number,  I could not seem to figure out how to connect to a real person, but I did find a place to automatically cancel the card. Which I did.

Sorry, Paypal, but good riddance. Between the credit line / available credit snafu, the messed up support systems, and the inability to get anyone live on the line, I kind of lost interest. I'll keep the Cap One account until I get the right card offer in the mail to use as a "pay it off every month"  vehicle.

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