June 14, 2012

"I Can Be...." Barbie - Yoga Teacher

So scary and horrible in a hundred different ways. So of course I bought one (available at Target only)

Barbie has some physical limitations. Her waist is not articulated, so no twists, deep backbends or forward folds. That cuts out a lot of classic poses (Triangle, for instance)

It works, however, in Camel pose, where she has no problem avoiding dumping into her lower back.

Her ankles are also not articulated, and her feet are pointed the better to wear heels. So pretty much no standing poses without some support. Sad, cause I'd love me some Warrior I or Warrior II Barbie....

However, her feet pretty much fit the definition of "active", perfect for abdominals.

And with a little support, she's an asana rock start with King Dancer. Nice and open psoas muscle!

We've had fun posing her in the poses she can do, and noticing which ones her construction prohibits (kind of informative and instructive right there)

I suspect Barbie is going to get a punkish / lesbian makeover pretty soon. Cut her hair, change her outfit to something vaguely anarchic, and give her some sharpie tatts. She's way too perky right now.

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