June 29, 2012

Kansas City Blues

Stuck out in Kansas City.

I had an engineering gig in Windsor, a tiny (~3000 population) burg in the center of Missouri. As is my norm, I slot in 1-2 days for the work, and if things are quicker, change flights and sneak home sooner. Flying Southwest with a full fare ticket, so changing is usually not an issue. So I traveled on Wednesday afternoon, got into a hotel, ready to work Thursday morning. Worked Thursday, which was quick and without complications. And, having broken free early, I, checked out of the hotel, and to the airport intent on grabbing one of the afternoon flight.

Sadly, Southwest is booked to capacity. I got denied on two standby flights (through BWI and MDW) and so, with no hotel, no rental car, and no luggage, I ended up in a Days Inn near the airport. And no real shot of getting on something earlier than my 5:00 pm booked departure, so I am here all day.

Gonna hang out at the hotel as long as I can - shower, do some yoga in the room, do some work. Then head over to the airport and wait there. A pretty useless day.

Note to self: travel sucks these days. Your decisions to stay rooted at home, pick up local clients, yoga, etc. even if it limits income, is right on target.

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