June 29, 2012

Laptop vs. Tablet

Once upon a time, I could pretty much run my life off my laptop. Sure, there were some apps that I never installed, some files and resources that stayed back at the office, and some packages that jut needed the full throttle performance of my desktop box. But I could get out of town, do email, update websites, write reports - you name it.

No more. It's June 2012. The last time I used this laptop for anything significant (according to my incoming emails) was Dec 2011. And Sept 2011 before that. So maybe 3-4 times a year. Just not enough to warrant the time to install all the apps, the cost to purchase the software, the maintenance of keeping files and stuff up to date on two boxes.

My cloud is not a great option yet (I am often slinging around 1 Gig files) although it might be workable for some things.

Probably not a bad plan to get a basic FTP program up and working on this box, and install some basic graphic package and HTML editors - so I can update websites at the very least. And perhaps commit to working off of this box once in a while so it stays updated.

But more evidence of how my work life is changing.....

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