August 14, 2009

Catching Up

I have fallen out of the habit of blogging. Since the folk fest, I have been scrambling (mostly unsuccessfully) to catch up. Between then and now, life has been:

a) A trip to Terre Haute (fairly unsuccessful in terms of the work, and equally unsuccessful in my attempt to finish up a report so I can send an invoice)

b) Continued house / condo hunting. I think I could pretty much be in the "tire kicking" phase for months if not years, so I am putting some pressure on myself to find something. Right now I am looking at a condo in New Britain. Will blog more later.

c) A lot of yoga teaching. Several teachers have taken some time off (vacation and such) and I am high on the sub list these days. So (for example) I subbed hot yoga 4x in two weeks (Tues & Thurs at 4:30). I've taught every day this week (Mon - Fri) with two classes pending today. And I've put in a bunch of hours at the studio - filling in for the manager, and working on marketing stuff.

d) Five days of house/dog sitting for friends. Not particularly stressful, but just someplace else I needed to be, one additional responsibility or pulling me out of my routine.

e) A pile of engineering work I continue to struggle to cacth up with.

f) My website client started ticket sales for the North Pole Express, sold over 4000 online tickets in less than 3 hours, and (unfortunately) the website (or more specifically), the inability to reliably and expediently stop ticket sales was a big issue. My fault, really - I should have been right there with my finger on the keyboard, but I was teaching yoga :( has been crazy. But I'm back (sort of). And will blog bout some other stuff as the days unfold.....

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