August 31, 2009

Blogging The Colin McEnroe Show

Its "Animal Week" on Fresh Air (good). But Terry is talking to a vet about pet euthenasia and I'm crying.....

First day back to school bit. Cute. Teacher Middleton "likes to talk about food". Heh.

Opening Bit
The Irish innkeeper keeps veering into an Indian dialect....a lot more Chion Wolf on air than I imagined. Cool.

Into the Real Show
Bouncy and upbeat. Better be, after than pet euthenasia stuff.

Opening Monologue
Nice, same old Colin. But no traffic and news afterwards.

Guest: Gayle Collins
Nice and conversational, like riding a bike. Colin's back.
Trivia #1 - Colin and I were both (independently) at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philly. I was there as audio assist for a dot com that was streaming the convention live, and had 360 degree webcams located on the floor. Mostly, I turned the knobs when the real audio engineer went to the bathroom. And gritted my teeth as various Republican operatives stopped by to be interviewed.

Wait - A Commercial?
What's up with that?

More Gayle Collins
I think Mohegan Sun is gonna be the go to "joke" of the show. Obama vacation. Vick apology. Plaxico Burris. Guns at presidential rallies. Alec Baldwin for Senate. Woodstock. Texting at Woodstock and Jumbotrons at concerts. Computer updates. This thing is pleasantly rambling and entertaining. Colin and Gayle at Real Art Ways coming up soon!

Back and Forth
Betty vs. Veronica. Old news to the bloggies, but fun to hear him vamp on this. Wondering why Reggie is not mentioned in this at all - it was sort of a four way tug of war - Betty and Veronica were also deciding between Archie and Reggie. If Archie and Veronica hook up, does this leave Betty and Reggie together?

The Last Word
Are you In or Out? I'm In (in terms of the show anyway). In other ways, I'm out.

Too soon! Too soon! But more tomorrow!


Terrence said...

Listened to Colin's first show. From 800 miles away! Reception: perfect. Back when he was on WTIC and I was in the car I coulnd't pull him in in Gastonbury. This streaming audio thing is great. Andif I miss the show. Podcast. But wouldn't you know it. His lead in was a show about puttng dogs to sleep. Talk about tough act to follow. Gail Collins: Great guest. And what a news story she is. Rags to Frank Rich's ( paper )

Jack Nork said...

Cool will you be blogging the show every day?

Jude said...

No, I suspect not. I have a life and a job - so although I listen to WNPR pretty much all workday - blogging the show is regularly is a bit too much of a commitment. I'll snipe now and then :)