September 04, 2009

Labor Day Updates

The weekend plans, for those who care.

Today, I teach two classes: my 10:45 AM Power class (thankfully continuing into the fall, so do come!) and my popular 12:15 PM Gentle class. We're gonna move for the power class; not sure about the Gentle yet (I often play that one by ear depending upon who is in the class and what people are bringing into the studio in terms of energy, injury, and places they want to work).

Right after, I am ostensibly heading east towards Mashpee, MA, where my sister and hubby own a summer home; I have not yet been to visit but apparently it can sleep 14 (and room for a pony). Big birthday weekend - I blew off my nephew and niece this summer (they are getting cash) and my brother celebrates his this weekend. My sister assures me there is morning yoga on the beach, so I'm bringing my yoga duds and mat....(do you use a mat for beach yoga?)

In the meantime - work, a largish project to crank out before I leave, and plenty of smallish tasks as well. Although we've officially settled on a price for the condo I have yet to sign a contract or hand over additional deposit money; and I'm thinking that might have to happen between now and when I leave.

Last night I spent a few hours with little (4 pounds 9 oz, 18 days old) Andrew snuggled in my arms and on my belly as I hung out with his parents. It's the little things in life that matter; this time very literally. I drove home with baby smell on my hands and trust me; it's not something you want to let go off too quickly. What a sweetie.

With any luck I'll be heading home Sunday night (avoiding the Monday afternoon rush off the Cape) and hanging out on Monday - West Hartford Yoga has two Labor Day classes - Power I with Nykki @ 9:00 AM and Gentle with Shankara @ 9:15 AM.

Have a great holiday weekend, all!

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sandy shoes said...

Consider yourself waved at as you exit for Mashpee!