September 18, 2009

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

Went to see the performance art of Scott Turner Schofield this evening at Real Art Ways.

Pretty freaking awesome - from the opening (I won't spoil it, but I called it) to the concept of having 127 different stories to tell, chosen at random by the audience, so the piece is different every night. I'd go back again tomorrow (were I not heading down to see Jack Hardy at a house concert) just to see what other stories he has up his sleeve.

Wonderfully conceived - from the set piece of a childhood fort (did we all do that?) to the acrobatics on the draped fabric (I most certainly did not do that, but if I ever have a high ceilinged yoga studio I am damn sure gonna rig it up for that sort of aerial exploration). Scott (or is it Turner?) passed out his props before the show (and called them back from the audience as needed) adding another level of participation and intimacy.

Quibbles - the audio tracks (ripped from voice mail or an answering machine, seemingly) were often pretty fuzzy and hard to hear, similarly, the video backdrop was a little soft (focus as well as prominance).

But all in all, a definite "not to miss" performance. Tickets will go fast for tomorow night - so if you are planning to go, call and make arrangements ASAP!

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