September 12, 2009

Rock Band: The Beatles

Much ado about the release of The Beatles Rock Band. I think I've played once (at my sister's house) and got PWNED by my nephews and nieces. And while it's kind of cool to be jamming to familiar tunes rather than shooting at realistic human or stealing cars via video game, I did not catch the bug.

I guess I am one of those cranky musicians who hate rock band - because I've had some rock and roll salad days - a senior talent show where I got to play that slide lead to "Freebird" as people screamed in the audience. A nighttime graduation party where I led the band through Jonathon Richman's "Roadrunner" and Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane" and there was much applause. Long hours spent in the studio laying down tracks on a 4-track reel to reel as we duplicated the Beatle's "Rain" (including the backwards guitar part and bakcwards vocals at the end). Innumerable nights on an acoustic open mic stage where people actually seemed to be listening.

So picking up a plastic guitar and pushing buttons in response to colored cues is kind of - meh. Maybe if they had a "real guitar" option where I could plug in a strat knock-off and play real notes...and maybe the full tracks of Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal"

It's all a moot point. According to one fan, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are Doomed

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