September 12, 2009

Cassette Tapes

I have close to 200 cassette tapes carefully stacked in those wooden wall racks I picked up at Strawberries (back when there was a Strawberries, and one's music choice was Vinyl or Cassette). The cassettes come in three flavors:

1) Cassettes I purchased (maybe 30%)
2) Cassettes I made (usually dubbed from vinyl, 2 albums to a tape, from either albums I used to own and got rid of or albums borrowed from friends). Yes MPAA, shoot me now. (maybe 65%)
3) Cassettes of myself or bands I have been in (maybe 5%)

Back in the day when I had a cassette player in my car (not all that long ago, my 96 Saturn had one until maybe the last year or two of its life, and I kept the car on the road until 07), I did listen to cassettes. But it should be said that I these racks were sealed with duct tape for 5-6 years; I think I pulled out one cassette to listen to it a few months back. And yes, I still have the means to play tapes - a nice Philips dual cassette deck in my stereo rack and a couple of small boom boxes with cassette players.

Because I am in a purging, detooxing, cleaning my life out kind of place in preparation for a move to a place with a bit less storage, I'm considering a wholesale tossing of cassette tapes. My options:

1) Toss 'em all
2) Sort through them and toss some dubbed cassettes (based on artists) but keep some, keep the purchased cassettes, and keep the ones of my music
3) Toss all the dubbed cassettes, keep the rest
4) Toss all the dubbed cassettes and purchased cassettes, keep the ones of my music
5) Toss 'em all.

Your thoughts?

For background, I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur - I still buy CD's, and although I've owned a few MP3 players and more recently an iPod touch (which has been MIA for a while now), and download music occasionally, I've never made MP3 my main music source. So if anyone were going to hang on to obsolete media, it's me.

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sandy shoes said...

Tough call. I don't think I'd discard them all... think of how many people now wish they'd kept their vinyl.

My '01 4Runner has a tape player, but it'll probably be my last car that does. For listening to recorded books, though, cassettes are absolutely better than their successors.

For music, I too still buy cds. I have never done the mp3 thing, mostly because I hate "ear buds." Pfffft.