September 07, 2009

Up to the Cape

Spent Friday - Sunday up in Mashpee, MA, at my sister's newish (purchased this year) beach house. First off, beach house does not do this place justice. To hear her talk about it when they bought it, I imagined this small 4 room, nonwinterized shack on a cramped street near the shore. In fact it's a lovely home, with plenty of room for her family (three kids, two adults) and guests (my mother and I stayed over). Smallish kitchen but a nice dining area, big living room with fireplace and cathedral ceiling. Loft sitting area with a fold out cot, a master bedroom for the parents, a side bedroom with a divider for kids / guests (and three beds), and a huge basement with more sleeping room.

Two decks outside (perfect for yoga, although there is also Yoga on the Beach in season), an outdoor shower (adding to two full baths inside), and a fully wooded lot (in fact, my brother is law is working to put in a lawn; the property had been mulched just because it's so shaded). They are talking about adding a pool during the off season. Plenty of privacy. It's, let's be honest, gorgeous!

A bit of a hike to the beach - although not too far with a wagon (walking) or bike. And though the ocean proper (with waves and stuff) is blocked by a little piece of land called Martha's Vineyard (so it's more like Long Island Sound beaches) it's still beautiful. We all went swimming on Saturday (gorgeous day, hot and sunny with end of season warm water) and I think it's the first time we've been at the beach together in 30 years.

In between, just hung around, relaxing. My nephew Sean and I took a bike ride to the candy store (his choice of destinations) where I picked up some candy necklaces (which look like Mala beads, there is an inside joke there) - then my niece Sara stole them (thinking they were Sean's, apparently fraternal theft is permissible) which was pretty funny. We played some games - Patriot's Uno (in which all the cards bear Tom Brady's likeness, and there is a new card called the "Passer" (he's a quarterback get it) wherein everyone passes their hand to the right. Definitely makes the game more chaotic.

We also played a homemade game I introduced called Categories which was fun (even if I was pretty unbeatable) - I remember playing this game 40 years ago with my Long Island relations. There was frisbee, tossing the football, croquet. A shopping trip to the little touristy shops nearby and a seafood lunch (some shared lobster roll, I opted for clam strips)

We had a big lobster dinner (for my brother Tom's birthday, his choice) although my brother and I opted for a rare tuna steak. Corn on the cob, cole slaw, tomotoes and cukes. Cheesecake factory dessert. Yummy.

It's been a 25 year or so since I've done a beach vacation. It was a fun couple of days. And Kathy and Tom have offered the place as an off season weekend getaway, which I just might take them up's lovely there.


Terrence said...

Sounds like a terrific place. Hope you get there often

sandy shoes said...

New Seabury's nice! They do a great Fourth of July picnic/fireworks display.