September 29, 2009

Google Wave

Colin sent you here. I have no idea why. Well, maybe some idea. My left hand (at right) is perhaps, waving? I dunno. It's actually the apex of a trikonasana inside a hot air balloon.

Edit: Oh, I get it. Not completely obtuse. Crowd-Sourcing. Getting users (or in this case, blogs readers) to do your work for you. Duh. Like some of those silly captcha "type the word you see" things that websites use to confirm that a real person is filling in a form. Did you know you were actually working to digitize scanned documents (from the Internet Archive and NY Times archive) when filling out some of these?

Here's the Google Wave link on or go to the Google Wave site. I have no more info - I plan to be listening to WNPR tomorrow from 1-2 to find out.....

Bonus, the wikipedia article on crowd-sourcing.

Off with ya. Bloody vikings.

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