October 01, 2009

Condo Update

No big news. Sept 30 was my commitment date; my lawyer filed for an extension. FHA / mortgage company are backed up due to the last minute shoppers taking advantage of the $8K tax credit.

Looks like the Oct 9 closing date might be pushed back a week. Hopefully no more than that - I want to take some time to clean and do some minor work around the place before I move, I have a bunch of truck-loads of small stuff to take over, and at least two big moving projects (house-to-condo and office-to-condo) along with arranging for the pool table to find its new home.

Will keep you posted.....

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Kerri said...

I was at the bank yesterday and was told that there was a backlog because of FHA. I had no idea there could be a traffic jam with money. And yes, I'm part of the problem, but it's more because I really want a specific house, and less because of the tax break. But I'll take the tax break if I can get it.