October 17, 2009

Sad or Scary Things About My New Condo

For the record, we're still not closed yet. I've gotten a verbal "good to go" from the mortgage broker and a projected closing date of early next week. So I'm confident enough to start picking furniture up on Craigs List, but holding off on the celebration. In the meantime, some projections into the future...

1. Isolating. I have this tendency to pull back, to withdraw. I'm afraid that being on my own, a few more miles away from my social center (the yoga studio and Hartford), will drag me down into isolating. I'm conscious of that, and plan to proactively stay connected, but it's a fear.

2. Zippy. Much as our intersecting lives ad cohabitation produces friction and frustration for both of us, I will miss the dude. I'm hoping to maintain a friendship and stay connected but it's still nice to have another body in the house, someone to watch TV with or just talk about the day, the world, etc.

3. Dogs. I've had dogs all my adult life, since my ex and I got a little Springer Spaniel pup back in 1990 or thereabouts. And right now Elo the Beagle / Cattle Dog mix is my little buddy - sleeping on the bed, begging for food, an occasional companion on walks or hikes. We've decided to keep the dogs together, with Zippy. I can have a pet at my new place, but these dogs might be a bit large, neither of them is particularly good on the leash (if I get a pet, I will need to walk it, right now we have a fenced in yard for the dogs to go run in), and I think the dogs will do better together than they will alone. So I'll be dogless (for a while, anyways) at the new place. Sad.

4. Electric Heat. Wonder how much that's going to cost me :(

5. Not Hartford. I've come to love being this close to the city. I eat at fun restaurants, I go to Real Art Ways and Cinestudio and Cinema City. I can pop in to local music and arts events without a lot of planning or travel. And I have a small circle of friends that I will perhaps see a little less often. So even though New Britain is not all that far away, it's still a few miles more to travel.

6. New Britain. Just new stomping grounds. Having spent many years in Waterbury, I imagine New Britain is somewhat similar. A lot of unknowns in terms of neighbors, the neighborhood, the local environment. And New Britain does have a certain reputation as a tough city. Then again, so does Hartford and I like that just fine....

7. Cost of Living. It's true, two can live cheaper than one. I'm kind of nervous about the budget and cost of living in my own place. On paper, it's a wash. My mortgage + taxes + condo fees are $150 less than what I'm paying today on rent to Zippy and the office. My office phones and internet are about the same price as a Comcast bundle. The electricity will be an unknown, probably a bit more than the $150 savings in rent. Perhaps I'll make it up in fewer lunches on the go. We'll find out. But I'm going to try to consciously cut back these first few months.

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Diana_CT said...

There is Paradise restaurant on the corner of South St ans East St. that's good. The is also the East Side restaurant that has good Germany food and for Polish food there is the Baltic on Farmington Ave in Kensington.
A little father away in Plainville is J Timothy's Taverne and a Wood & Tap on Cooke St just around the corner from J Timothy's.
And of course there are a whole slew of Chinese take out in the area, the nearest is on the corner of South St and Stanley St.