October 30, 2009

Moving Update

The condo is slowly becoming mine....feeling like home.

I've trucked (or car'd) over a bunch of stuff so far. All my books are over there, all my music. My kitchen table (right at my limit for solo moving) and chairs. A microwave table / kitchen cart. Bookshelves. A few boxes of miscellany.

This weekend looks like a busy one - with planned trips to bring coffee table, end table, microwave, stereo components, televisions, video components, my bike, my folk fest / camping stuff, and my seasonal clothes. Probably a few other odds and ends as well.

I'm also planning to do a lot of cleaning this weekend. Want to clean the cabinets with Murphy's wood soap (inside and out), clean the fridge (it's in good shape but can't hurt), both bathrooms, all the windows, the new table and chairs. Maybe fire up teh grill to see if it works, sweep the deck (leaves), clean the deck table and stow (or toss) the umbrella.

I made my first run to Home Depot this morning. Dropped some bucks on washer hoses, a dryer vent hose, new house number, letters for the mailbox, new locks, a porch light timer, some 3 way switches. I replaced both the front door and basement door with new lock and deadbolts (with a single key) which ought to make for a lighter keychain (previously 4 keys). I am shopping for a new mailbox but did not see anything I liked at Home Depot. I want to put in a timer for the front porch light. And replace the living room light switches (the switched outlet showed low voltage and high impedance, probably a flaky switch).

I've got all my books put away (and brought the empty boxes back to be filled up). I laid out my yoga mat in the spare room (mostly to remind myself to keep that space somewhat uncluttered and set aside).

Lot's to do but I am picking away at it piece by piece. Fun, tiring, exciting.

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