October 04, 2009

Tias Little - Deep Work

11 Hours in studio with Tias Little this weekend. A workshop called "My Body is My Temple", with four module: The Sacred Feet, Sacred Sacrum, Sacred Sacrum, and Sacred Skull. Although really, we worked the entire body - the feet worked the legs, the sacrum and psoas worked the core, sides, shoulders, and spine, and the skull worked the entire upper body.

As usual, Tias' workshop was highly informative (practically teacher training) with lots of prep work, lots of props, lots of assists, and plenty of "pull up a block and watch me talk through a posture" opportunities. A very nice mix of practice, of lecture (an extended philosophy talk this morning),of technical information (anatomy via slides), and of technique for teaching and assisting.

Also as usual, during what seemed to be an almost minimalist practice (we spent hours on our backs, working very subtle parts of the body, and many hours of watching a posture and moving back to the mat, with almost zero vinyasa or flow) I am both wiped out and feel like crap - evidence of some pretty deep work and deep detoxing. We're pretty hooked on flow at the studio - plenty of sun salutations, plenty of heat, plenty of sweat. I barely cracked a sweat and had no need for my usual headband and mat cover. yet I am as wiped out tonight as if I had spent a weekend detoxing with Sean Corne rr pwoering through an Ana Forrest workshop.

Lot of good ideas. I'm not the type to keep a notebook as I practice - preferring to be fully present for the work and let the work seep into my body. I'm making some notes afterwards, sure I will forget some thing, but I'm going to bring this stuff into some of my classes.

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Nikki Chau said...

The wealth of information and the subtle body work is what I really appreciate about Tias Little. My practice has gotten to the point where I'm totally ok with NOT practicing during a workshop, and just listen and soak in all the technical information so I can chew on when I practice on my own.

Lucky for you for getting 11 hours with Tias Little this weekend :)